Follow the Leader

The Leader

We are called to love others as Christ loved us. This is how people will know we are His followers. As we love them, they will be drawn into a relationship with Jesus.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page and learn about following and leading for Jesus.  


Memory Verse:

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

JOHN 13:35 (NIV)

Going Further

Hi Everyone! A couple of ideas for family activities after watching this video:

1) Family Time.

  • Read Matt. 4:18-22 together.
  • Discuss why Jesus chose the analogy of fishing.  
  • Discuss what the difference is between fishing on a boat and fishing for men.
  • Craft: tie a string around a popsicle stick and attach a heart at the end. Explain this “fishing pole” is a reminder that if we want to draw others to Jesus, it’s done by loving them.
  • Discuss what we do when others are hard to love. Can we still love them if their behavior is wrong? Does Jesus still love us when our behavior is wrong?
  • Think of ways to show others that we love them (acts of service, words of kindness and encouragement, gifts, etc.). Have each child journal acts of love during the week and then share them with the family next week.
  • Play “Follow the Leader.” Discuss how others are watching us and following our example; it’s important that we follow Jesus.

2) Activities. Have fun using the activities below.

  • Draw a picture about today’s lesson, take a picture of it and send it to Pastor Shaun so that it can be shared in next week’s video.
  • Scroll down to the music videos and sing along.
  • Have fun using the activities below.

Coloring Sheet

Download and print out this coloring sheet for your children. Children can be influential leaders for Jesus in a multitude of situations.

Crossword Puzzle

You might need to read the first to few chapters to get all the answers.

1. Who asked the fisherman to follow him? Matt 4.19
2. Jesus wanted these fisherman to follow him, to fish not for fish but for what? Matt 4.18
3. Peter and his brother were called as disciples. What was Peter's brother's name? Matt 4.19
4. James and his brother were called too. What was James' brother's name? Matt 4.21
5. What is the word to describe how the disciples left their fishing to follow Jesus? Matt. 4.22

Word Search

Download and print out this fun word search. See if you can find key words about followership and the love of Jesus.

Video Presentation

Music videos!