Painting the Church

We are painting and the church and you can help! Your help will make all the difference in getting the job done. Mark Fernald will be handling most of the paintwork, but there is a great deal of preparation that needs to be done before the paint can be put on. We will continue to update on Facebook and through our normal Wednesday email what needs to be done. This week, Mark or another person in charge will be present from 8 until noon each morning and 4 until 8 each evening to give direction. Below are listed some of the tasks to be done and tools needed (which we are storing in the shop behind the parsonage).

Due to COVID restrictions, we will ask everyone helping to do their best to maintain 6′ of distance and while we will be able to have the fellowship hall open for bathrooms, ask that the outdoor picnic tables be used rather than the fellowship hall. 

* Power Wash Building
* Scrape and brush off peeling paint
* Trim brushes away from building
* Weeding
* And more…

* Power Washers
* Paint Scrapers
* Ladders
* Wire Brushes
* Hoses

We Need Volunteers Sign Up Here.