House Churches

One of the questions we have heard many times since March is some variation of, “When do we get back to normal?” or “When will the church open again?” 

While the first question is impossible to answer, the second one is easy. It never closed. The church of Jesus Christ has never and will never close. The forms and functions may change through the seasons, but the mission and members never do. 

While we have chosen to keep the building closed on Sunday mornings, we are continuing to grow in how we move forward as a church. In the first century and in many places around the world, the church did not gather in large groups, but instead they met in homes, would read from the scripture and share letters from the apostles. 

In this season we are leaning into this heritage of faith. Each Sunday morning, a growing number of homes are opening to host HCC House Church locations. Members of these groups gather on Sundays to watch the service online, share in fellowship, and some even share meals. 

We are encouraging everyone who is safely able to do so to join one of these gatherings. We were not meant to do life on our own, but together with other followers of Jesus to move the mission of God’s Kingdom forward. 

Below we have two contact forms. One is if you are interested in participating and the other is for if you are interested in hosting. If you would like more information regarding House Churches please contact Harley Poole at (503) 936-7084.

By His Grace, For His Glory,
Pastor Shaun

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