Mystery on the Epic Express

Attention all age 55+ers! In recognition of how amazing each and every one of you are, our new group name is EPICS, (Experienced Persons In Christ’s Service). 

Our first EPICS event is entitled “Mystery on the EPIC Express”. Admission is free. Bring your appetite and sleuthing skills. Here’s the plan!

  • Meet at the EPIC Express Depot (aka HCC sanctuary). It will be open at 11:15 a.m., February 18.
  • Designated drivers for the EPIC Express will park in the front as part of the “train.” Others will be asked to park around behind the church.
  • Pick up your tickets at the counter inside the depot. It will include which car of the “train” you will be riding in as we make tracks!
  • Conductor Harley will give instruction, and the evening will be kicked off with a short skit.
  • Departure time is 11:58 am sharp. The “train” will be led by the engineer to three separate homes or “train stops” for our progressive lunch.

Be on the lookout for a phantom thief! He disguises himself well. There will be clues along the way. We need all of your collective detective work to figure out the identity and location of this phantom thief!

Questions: Contact: Deb Mattern at

It’s going to be EPIC fun!

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