Building the Good Life

What does it mean to build a good life? Is it an accumulation of things? A lifetime of experiences? Or companionship? In this series we will ask this question and look to God’s word for the answer. While all of those things can be a part of a good life, none of them create it. One of the great lies of our culture is that stuff and people will make it complete. The truth is the more we own, the more our lives are out of our hands. God gives us a radical new vision for how we look at the things he has put in our hands. Instead of being owners, God calls us to be stewards.
Each of us are given unique time, talents, treasures, and testimonies. The best life is built when we choose to offer those back to God, managing those resources as a faithful steward. Each week we will examine a different area of our lives: our family, finances, vocation, vacation, and more to see how we relate to the gifts God has given in each of them. The series will finish as we look at Christ as both the ultimate example of a steward and the recognition that he is the one for whom we steward.